With less than 45 minutes in the car



- Mulhouse, the largest museum of the Europe car


May 1st to September 30th open every day from10 to 18

 the reste of the year it also open, except Tuesday

Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and almos all other prestigious makes 

464 cars of 98 makes

The most prestigious car of the world: Bugatti Royal

- Strasbourg, its cathedral famous

One day for Strasbourg where you will visit its cathedral, its Alsacien museum,

its Covers-Bridge, in boat, in tram or by foot


- Soufflenheim and its Alsatian potteries


 A little bit further than one hour of Ammerschwihr, this village worth the trip for the amateurs of potteries.

Celebrate for its glazed ceramics culinary use.

 About fifteen potters, who created a brotherhood   to give  the honor to the traditional value

- Rust in Germany and its super amusement park Hollywood style


Located in Germany, this park gathers the best feelings attractions
in Europe. thry speak French.

 One well filled day and you will try all the attractions which you
will like and it will be a unforgettable day.

- Etc...