Less than 30 minutes in the car



- the crest road , splendid Alpine landscapes, ski resorts, summer toboggan and paragliding

16 000 km of  marked trails

We can finds some lakes and farm-inns with their famous "marquaires" meal


On the peak one meets various vegetations and early in the morning the chamois


- Écomusée, yesteryear village with all time's animations


opened every day, all year long, from 9  to 18 O'clock

to envisage at least a half-day to visite

Tavern, inn, refreshment bars, bakery, store, shop

craftsmen at work, exhibition, animations and spectacles, row in a
boat or ridein the oxcart or horses, carrousel


savours around the press perfumes of the forgotten memories work and seams of old

- Haut-Koenigsbourg, medieval castle in furniture, 2nd national monument most visited

opened between

 April 1st to May 31th from 9 to12 and 13 to18

 June 1st to September 30th from 9  to 18

November 2nd at February 28th of 9 to 12 and 13 to 16

closing between

January 5th to February 5th,

January 1st, May 1st, November 1st and 11th and  December 25th

We finds some interesting collections of furniture and weapons of XVe and XVIIe century

Rebuilt at the end of XVe century, it was dismantled by Swedish into 1633 and fell in ruins. Restauré at the beginning of the century by Guillaume II it makes it possible to be plunged in an environment of the end of the Middle Ages

- Flying  Eagles and raptors spectacles



opened between:

April 1st to September 30th from14 to 16

October 1st to November 11th only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

 a flight spectacle in full sky with vultures, condors, milans, eagles and falcons.

 In the ambiance of a Middle Age castle

-Monkeys's mountain


opened between:

April 1st to September 30th from14 to 16

October 1st at November 11th only Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

It is a park where live more than 200 Mangots monkeys in freedom You will have a direct contact and you will be able to nourish them with your hands with the popcorn distributed to the entry.


- etc...